Call Me Back

Erreichte Phase:   Normal
Teilnahme:   2012
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Call me Back is a rock band from Vevey (VD)

The band got started in the summer 2008 when Loïc (lead singer & guitar) and Flo (bass) decided to quit their actual band to start a new one. After a few nights spent drinking in the vineyards, Flo thought of Laurent, a childhood friend of his, to assume the role of drummer. It only took a couple of days and the same amount of nights for them to invade Flo’s brother’s apartment with their material and start playing as a band. They spent some time covering songs by their favorite bands such as Metallica, Guns n'Roses, Nirvana… and then started to write their own songs. The band decided then to move into Loic’s garage to practice their music. That’s when Seb (lead guitar) joined them and brought his powerful solos to the songs. During the winter, Seb left the band for professional reasons (and because it was fucking freezing in the garage :D). The rest of the band got on stage for a few gigs in high school parties but something was missing… In May 09 Seb came back for a jam session. The band ended playing all night long and that’s how they wrote their first song as a complete band called Cocaine. Call me Back was born. They transformed the garage in a real studio and started practicing all the time. They recorded then their first Demo that contained three songs. The gigs became bigger, some of them even featured Loic’s girlfriend as a singer, and the band wrote more and more songs. They decided then to record their first EP, produced by Chris Matthey at the Royal Studios (Lausanne). Now the band is touring around and working on a future album…