Sonic Wire

Erreichte Phase:   Normal
Teilnahme:   2013
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"Sonic Wire" is a Swiss Alternative-Rock band from Chironico. The band was founded in 2006 by bassist/singer Eric Belli, guitarist Mattia Beffa and guitarist Sava Andjelcovic. The first sessions took place in a small garage in Chironico with the help of drummer Dado. Some time later the drummer left the group but that didn't stop the band, which was, on the contrary, ready to find someone else. There was a full load of energy in the band so finding a new drummer wouldn't be that hard. In April 2011 the formation of the band changed again, finally with Francesco Bellicini back in the band.

Year 2013, the band release their first official album titled "A.N.T" and win the Garage Music Contest.