Barbie Sailers

Erreichte Phase:   Halbfinal
Teilnahme:   2013
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Barbie Sailers are a Swiss punk rock band, born in 2011 in Ticino. Three aspiring teachers, Toch, Elia and Dama, the Elia’s brother Giona and Jojo decided to begin to play together the kind of music that they really enjoy, looking to some very famous bands like Blink 182. With their songs they want to transmit to the audience the feeling of summer and party that you can find in California (USA). Everyone has already had some experience with other bands so when they joined together, it was quite easy to work immediately well in this new project.

In October 2011, as promotion, Barbie Sailers has offer 500 copies of their first demo with 7 home recorded songs (including “Trip of my Life” and “Tornado”) and in April 2012 they delivered a second demo called “Miss Kimberly” that has 9 tracks. They performed live in some stages of their region and they placed third place in a Regional competition of bands. During the summer they had also the chance to play around the Switzerland over the roof of an old Saurer Bus, because of the winning of a competition sponsored by Red Bull.