The Clive

Erreichte Phase:   Halbfinal
Teilnahme:   2013
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The Clive is a Swiss rock band funded in 2010, from the area of Biel/Bienne (CH).

Two aggressive guitars complement each other swimmingly, as the bass wanders from discrete lines to rough, violent distorted riffs. This dynamic recipe is supported by a precise, sustaining drum and supplemented with inventive vocals involving 1 leading and 3 backing singers. Mix it all up with some good old British ale and you get The Clive’s sound!

Even though the band has been created in 2010 only, The Clive has already gathered some regional notoriety after winning successively four band contests in a row in the beginning of 2012, allowing the band to play in their firsts music festivals; especially Le Locle’s “Rock Altitude Festival 2012” (NE), Porrentruy’s “Rock’Air Festival 2012” (JU) and the EPFL’s Artiphys Festival 2013 (Lausanne, VD).
A fifth consecutive win came to add to their assets on 2 February 2013, with a victory in the band contest of the Morgins "C’est l’Hiver!" Festival which will allow them to play there in December 2013.

With this growing notoriety and all the on stage-experience they gathered over the last two years, The Clive is ready to rock bars, clubs and festivals with their set of contagiously energetic riffs!