The Sinful Saints

Erreichte Phase:   Final
Teilnahme:   2013
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At the moment when Andy Blackhole, born as Mahatma G. Andy, and Benjamin Lovesick, both known as the Siamese twins from Transylvania, did their Walk of Fame on the Berlin Wall and suddenly became world famous and rich, which allowed them to pay an operation to get separated of each other, Chris Jackpot still was lurking around in the south of North America. On the run from his worst enemy Al Capone, his white colour of the skin finally became his doom after years of illegal stay in the Cotton Belt. He got caught by the FBI and was shipped to Europe into exile because of shortage of space in Guantanamo. It might be a simple coincidence that the three guys met in the west of France to stomp grapes and that they were surprised at each other's lives. Something definitely was apparent afterwards: The Sinful Saints-Embryo was sired and his hour of birth was irresistibly in the offing. 2012 Maze Mallard introduced a new sound element: The Keyboard!